Educational films commissions for Ted-ED Youtube channel. Every « lesson » is written by a professional (teacher, writer, scientist…) and illustrated by an animator/artist. Every video lasts 4 minutes and takes around 2 months to make, from storyboard to final rendering.
The voice over, sound design and musics are supervised by the TED-Ed team.
View more on their website : https://ed.ted.com/

Here are the two films I worked on, as a director and then as a storyboarder/animator/designer.

Ecrit par / Written by : Paul Kindstedt
Réalisé par / Directed by : Charlotte Cambon
Produit par / Produced by : TED / Gerta Xhelo

Ecrit par / Written by : Geneviève Emy
Réalisé par / Directed by : Biljana Labovic
Produit par / Produced by : TED / Gerta Xhelo