Home-made films

Love and Eight
Eight-ball is always out of the game, and tries to kill time by flirting with the girls passing by…
My submission for the 48h film challenge with CalArts, Gobelins and The Animation Workshop on the theme SPORTS.



Scratch film (2012)
Thanks to NUMéROBé for letting me add his track
NUMéROBé, #1



Perpétuel (2013)
Sound design: Igor Troppée
English traduction
One day, I woke up here.
I’ve told one thing: the exit is at the end of the way.
I’ve also been told that you would need a certain amount of time to find it, but that it was the only way to go back home.
I don’t remember how long I’ve been here.
The exit is at the end of the way.
The exit is at the end of the way…



24h hand made animation (real paper cuts animated on After Effects) for the Loopdeloop project